Powerful intellectual platform able to meet the full range of translation needs on the enterprise level related to work with documents and data in different languages.
Cloud version
For PROMT 12 and PROMT 18 users: Upgrade discount 50%

Data leakage risk reduction due to not-utilization of online translation services.

Improving personal productivity of employees while working with foreign-language documentation and reducing the load on language department.

Translation for any tasks
An accurate translation of texts of any size, modern general purpose dictionaries and specialized science- and industry-specific dictionaries – all you need to translate in one application.
Translation of documents with just one click
The translator application takes into account the type and subject matter of the document, preserves the formatting, consequently optimizes the work with documents in foreign languages and cuts the time of translation of reports, presentations, marketing materials. It supports translation of documents of different formats - doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), rtf, html, xml, pdf, bmp, jpeg, .odt, .ods.
Translation in the right place
PROMT Agent allows for translating without switching between application screens. Simply select a word or a text fragment in any program (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader/Acrobat, any browser, instant messengers) and the resulting translation will appear in a popup window alongside of the original text.
Successful correspondence with customers and partners
PROMT Agent will hasten correspondence with foreign customers and partners translating words and single sentences, entire letters from foreign to native language and vice versa directly in the mail client.

Translation based on industry and corporate specifics
Specialized dictionaries and profiles, various tools for fine linguistic tuning, capability of agile integration into corporate resources (dictionaries, glossaries, Translation Memories, lists of proper names), translation in respect of corporate style.

Integrated reference resources
PTS includes an expanded and updated general vocabulary with tips when entering a word and a convenient search including morphology, as well as a large database of examples of translations made by professional translators on various subjects.
Must have for company translation departments!
Integration with Trados Studio, Memsource and machine translation customizability significantly speed up the preparation of professional translation - up to 35 percent.
Easy administration
Powerful, but easy to use administration tools, supported integration with the Microsoft Active Directory.

Our Clients trust us — and so can you!

“We think that purchasing of the PROMT system is the best solution of the problem that the company was facing”, — Sergei Tolstokhlebov comments. — “The automatic translator on the enterprise portal can be easily used by most of our employees. On average, more than 300 employees of the company benefit from using the translation server every week”.

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